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Air in the Spare?

Is there air in the spare?

Everyone has a task that they swear they’ll remember to do regularly like checking a spare tire to make sure it’s actually useable. For many publishers, learning about and implementing Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) for their website is one of those tasks. SEO, as you know, is the magical art and technical science of increasing traffic to your online properties. In large organizations entire departments specialize in SEO whereas for many a small or mid-sized publisher even having a full-time employee dedicated to ALL digital endeavors is a wild fantasy.


As such, publishers endeavor to learn about and implement SEO techniques themselves. Googling SEO reveals 904,000,00 returns and wading through the come-ons and chaff is a daunting task. One can buy a book (Amazon lists 2,422 of them) but reading an entire book on a subject is often not the best way to implement something. My experience with coursework (in person or online ) is that the lessons soon fade if not put into use immediately.


All of which leads me to the linked file below. In this short article are specific, actionable, chunks of effort one can undertake to implement SEO for the purpose of increasing one’s email marketing list. The fundamental steps of implementing SEO are solid here and can be used regardless of your marketing goal. Each step is itself an entire chapter in many books, but using this list and Google will allow you to get in as deep as you desire every step of the way. The PDF is here. Map out an hour a week and work through the list. If you’d like to work on this together drop me a line at Oh, check your spare as well…




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