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by Laura Baker

Many authors used to dream about making an appearance on Oprah and seeing their title on the NY Times Bestsellers list.  Even though your chance of appearing on Oprah is over, your desire to appear on national television can still live on....

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by Susan Wiercinski

Over the past few years, expectations for ups and downs of the paper market have become the norm. Digital content, mergers, acquisitions and closures on both sides of the printer/paper supplier fence continue to their bite out of demand for paper...

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by Laura Baker

PDF files for book print production have been used for well over a decade. Desktop Publishing software has undergone many transformations and now provides numerous tools for creating text and component documents. Some are easy to use and some not...

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by Susan Parente

The Future of Digital Publishing: Multiple Devices, Multiple Opportunities

The surge in mobile device use is quickly changing the way audiences access content. As magazine publishers look ahead to 2012, many are focused on the digital...

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by Mike Hepp

I recently attended the 1st Annual Silverchair Strategies conference held at the Ritz-Carlton in Chicago. This was the first major event for Silverchair since their big splash into the STM online hosting pool this summer at the 2011...

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by Tim Hurd

Some of you may know that Sheridan publishes “On Topic” — our electronic quarterly newsletter for the STM journals market. I really encourage you to take a look at the newsletter each month (the subscribe button is in the top right corner)....

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